At the beginning of September, the EIS team contributed the interdisciplinary symposium on “Explainable Intelligent Systems and the Trustworthiness of Artificial Experts” for the third time. We presented at the 27th International Conference of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP), with Viviane Hähne, Lena Kästner, Daniel Oster, and Timo Speith as speakers. In front of a receptive audience, all our speakers did a great job and we were able to spark enthusiasm for the topic.

In the course of presenting the symposium three times at different locations with different audiences, there has been notable progress in regard to the contents of our symposium in particular. Partly, this is based on the input we received at the conferences but it is also based on the progress which we have made as a team.

In short, the session was accompanied by an intense and rewarding discussion session. We were able to gain new insights and it was a great pleasure to present our symposium at ESPP 2019.

From left: Viviane Hähne, Timo Speith, Daniel Oster, and Lena Kästner