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Explainable Intelligent Systems (EIS) is an interdisciplinary research project based at Saarland University, Germany. The project brings together experts in the fields of Philosophy, Law, Computer Science, and Psychology. Among many invaluable questions, we are concerned with one overarching line of inquiry: How can and should intelligent systems be designed to provide explainable recommendations?

EIS is funded by a Planning Grant from the VolkswagenStiftung as part of the Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future track.

Kevin Baum

We are happy to announce that, besides EIS, Kevin has earned two brand-new engagements. He is now part of the Committee for Ethics in Security-Relevant Research at Saarland University and the Commission of Inquiry Digitization in Saarland.
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We have updated our list of activities and dedicated an extra page to a comprehensive overview.
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In November, we successfully presented our project at the kick-off symposium for the Volkswagen Foundation’s funding initiative “AI and the Society of the Future“.
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