Explainable AI and Society

an interdisciplinary, hybrid lecture series

Past Lectures

Summer 2022

21 April ’22
6:15 pm
Why We Need a Science of Machine Behavior
Iyad Rahwan
Max Planck Institute for Human Development
19 May ’22
6:15 pm
The Invisible Hand of Prediction
(Computer Science)
Moritz Hardt
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
09 Jun ’22
6:15 pm
Justification, Decision Threshold, and Randomness
Kate Vredenburgh
London School of Economics
14 Jul ’22
6:15 pm
Liability for AI
Herbert Zech
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


Fall 2021

21 Oct ’21
6:15 pm
Discrimination by AI systems:
An Analysis from a Legal Perspective. (Law)
Georg Borges
Saarland University
18 Nov ’21
6:15 pm
Action Regulation in Human-AI-Interaction:
The Psychology of Intelligent Automation (Psychology)
Thomas Franke & Tim Schrills
University of Lübeck
16 Dec ’21
6:15 pm
Algorithmic recourse:
Theory and Practice (Computer Science)
Isabel Valera
Saarland University
20 Jan ’22
6:15 pm
Explaining Machine Learning:
A New Kind of Idealization? (Philosophy)
Emily Sullivan
Eindhoven University of Technology


Scientific organizers

Kevin Baum, Georg Borges, Holger Herrmanns, Lena Kästner, Markus Langer, Astrid Schomäcker, Andreas Sesing, Ulla Wessels

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