Explainable AI and Society

an interdisciplinary, hybrid lecture series

This interdisciplinary lecture series discusses the potentials and questions within the rising field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). Modern AI can be used to drive cars, to decide on loans, or to detect cancer. Yet, the inner workings of many AI systems remain hidden even to expert programmers. Given the crucial role that AI systems play in modern society, this seems unacceptable. But how can we make complex, self-learning systems explainable? What kinds of explanations are we looking for when demanding that AI must be explainable? And which societal, ethical and legal desiderata can actually be satisfied via explainability?

21 Oct ’21
6:15 pm
Discrimination by AI systems:
An Analysis from a Legal Perspective.
Georg Borges
Saarland University
18 Nov ’21
6:15 pm
Action Regulation in Human-AI-Interaction:
The Psychology of Intelligent Automation
Thomas Franke & Tim Schrills
University of Lübeck
16 Dec ’21
6:15 pm
Algorithmic recourse:
Theory and Practice
Isabel Valera
Saarland University
20 Jan ’22
6:15 pm
Explaining Machine Learning:
A New Kind of Idealization?
Emily Sullivan
Eindhoven University of Technology

Next lecture: 21 Oct ’21, 6:15pm Georg Borges — Discrimination by AI systems. An analysis from a legal perspective

Artificial intelligence fascinates, but also triggers fears. This applies in particular to AI systems that evaluate people or even make decisions about people, for example when granting loans or selecting for a job. Among other things, there are fears that people could be discriminated against by AI systems. In this lecture, these topics will be examined from a legal perspective. In particular, the boundaries of legal protection against discrimination as well as the chances of detecting discrimination in decisions made by machines will be the focal points.

Registration for Georg Borges’s lecture will be open until 19 Oct ’21.

Information on hybrid model
As long as covid regulations allow, the talks will take place in a hybrid manner, both on Campus in Saarbrücken and on Microsoft Teams. Please register at latest two days ahead of any talk you want to attend, so we can notify you of the current regulations, the exact location and/or the registration link.

Covid-19 regulations for participating on-site (might be subject to change)
To participate, you either need be either fully immunized, recovered from a covid infection or show a negative test no older than 24 hours. Medical grade masks are required inside all buildings of Saarland University, except while seated with a distance of 1.50 m to all other people.

By participating you confirm that you have no covid related symptoms, had no contact to a covid patient within the last 14 days and did not travel to a high-risk area within the last 3 weeks. For contact tracing, you need to register via the staysio-App: www.staysio.de

Scientific organizers
Kevin Baum, Georg Borges, Holger Herrmanns, Lena Kästner, Markus Langer, Astrid Schomäcker, Andreas Sesing, Ulla Wessels

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