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The EIS panel ”Explainable Intelligent Systems and the Trustworthiness of Artificial Experts” was accepted to and held at the following conferences:

The panel included the following papers:

  • “Why Explainable AI Matters Morally” (Kevin Baum, Holger Hermanns, Timo Speith)
  • “Artificial Intelligent Systems: Reasonable Trust Requires Rationalizing Explanations” (Felix Bräuer, Eva Schmidt, Ulla Wessels)
  • “What Kind of Explanation Shall Artificial Experts Provide?” (Lena Kästner, Daniel Oster, Andreas Sesing)
  • “How the Kind of Explanation Affects People’s Reactions to Artificial Experts” (Tina Feldkamp, Cornelius König, Markus Langer)