Georg Borges presents “Diskriminierung durch künstliche Intelligenz” at the workshop “Trierer Gespräche zu Recht und Digitalisierung”

Georg Borges gave a talk about “Diskrimierung durch künstliche Intelligenz“ [Discrimination by Artificial Intelligent Systems] at the virtual workshop “Trierer Gespräche zu Recht und Digitalisierung (TGRD)“ organised by the “Institut für Recht und Digitalisierung...

New People at EIS

New People at EIS

With the start of the full grant, several new people have joined EIS: Veronika Lazar is a PhD student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and graduated in IO Psychology at Saarland University. She is interested in the interdisciplinary field of psychology and...

Full Grant Accepted!

We are happy to announce that EIS will be funded for another three years by the Volkswagen Foundation! Stay tuned for more information, new projects, and further research.