It comes as no surprise when we say that we are living in turbulent times. As we are facing a global pandemic, organizers of conferences have taken precautionary measures. The spread of COVID-19 has affected our schedules, too. In the following, we will present our updated list of upcoming events.

The Usability in Germany conference in Mannheim has been moved from April to November 5, 2020. Eva Schmidt, Kevin Baum and Nadine Schlicker will still hold their talk “Mehr Autonomie durch erklärbare künstliche Intelligenzʺ [More Autonomy through Explainable Artificial Intelligence]. Also, Eva will be part of a panel discussion on ethics in human-technology interaction.

Our engagement in the United States has been affected as well. The Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is now taking place online. Initially scheduled for the penultimate week in April, it now stretches over two weeks in June (June 16th – June 30th, 2020). Tina will no longer present her poster. However, Markus Langer still offers his insights from his research on automated personnel selection. The SIOP 2020 online schedule has not been released so far, unfortunately yet understandably.

Two of Lena Kästner’s talks have been postponed, too. Her talk “Causal Modelling and Computational Models” has been moved to October 21, 2020. It will still take place at the University of Bern. The workshop Machine Learnings meets Philosophy of Science at the University of Tübingen will be held in 2021. So far, we have not been informed of a definite date.

Even though it is unfortunate that our plans have been upset, it is the absolutely right thing to do. We hope all of you stay safe!