Kevin Baum: two brand-new engagements

We are happy to announce that, besides EIS, Kevin has earned two brand-new engagements. First, he is now the vice-chair and active member of the Committee for Ethics in Security-Relevant Research at Saarland University. Second, he has been elected a permanent expert on ethical and societal issues for the Commission of Inquiry Digitization in Saarland.

The Committee for Ethics in Security-Relevant Research offers consulting services to scientists at Saarland University with respect to challenging ethical questions arising in their research. Also, the Committee raises awareness of the potential misuse of scientific results and technology in research settings. It has been formed at the request of the Saarland University presidium, following a recommendation by the DFG and Leopoldina.

The Commission of Inquiry Digitization in Saarland is tasked with exploring the parameters for the successful digitization of our home state. This includes not only the existent infrastructure but also the technology transfer, qualification strategies, branch-specific scenarios, and the role of politics.

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