On November 15, Kevin Baum and Eva Schmidt paid a visit to Ergosign, a company focused on designing software applications in a user-friendly way (based in Saarbrücken, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Zurich). EIS strives to develop a framework that tells us what explanations users and affected parties need, and in which context, to gain understanding of the behavior of an intelligent system. UX is all about making software-driven systems usable for different groups of users. It seems obvious that EIS and Ergosign have a lot of potential for shared projects – what good does even a tailor-made explanation do if it’s not presented in a user-friendly format? Kevin initiated an exchange on these issues by giving an awesome talk on XAI, the EIS project, and the role that UX has in our project. We thank Ergosign, and especially Nadine Schlicker, for inviting us!