At the beginning of this month, Daniel Oster submitted his master’s thesis entitled “Explanation Requirements Concerning Artificial Systems – How to Transmit Transparency from Designer Side to Non-Designer Side”. Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that Daniel has passed his thesis with success. He will henceforth support EIS as a full-fledged collaborator, and not just as a student assistant.

But it is not only Daniel who provides a master’s thesis relevant for EIS. The EIS team is currently supervising several theses discussing topics that pertain to our research. For instance, in psychology, Markus Langer and Tina Feldkamp are supporting three students working on their master’s theses. A similar development can be seen across all disciplines involved.

In a nutshell, lots of new blood for EIS.

Daniel Oster, now a full-fledged collaborator in our research project