Kevin Baum continues to deliver insights from our project to the broad public in four non-scientific talks this month alone. The second two are taking place this week.

On June 24, Kevin will give a talk on the ethical dimensions of algorithms used to predict remaining lifetime and premature deaths at the Hospizgespräche of the Sankt Jakobus Hospiz Saarbrücken. He will lay the focus on the connection between explainability and the patient’s rights to make autonomous decisions.

Only one day later, Kevin will talk about Trustworthy AI at a workshop on New Connectivity organised by the Working Group for Technology, Innovation, and Research of the Economic Panel (AG-TIF des Arbeitskreis Wirtschaft e.V.). Kevin will argue for the need for AI as assistant, gatekeeper and watchman in the interconnected world of the internet of things/everything, smart cities, grids, and contracts.